Rotational Pulse

Rotates and scales a square, Giving the impression that there is a whole new shape.
To view this, click on the image on the right. Feel free to read/adapt the source code of it.

Particle Shuffle

Every particle interacts with another one by unsing its position and applying a intresting mathematical formula.

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Recent Projects

Super Fox Man Crate

My own platfrom arena-shooter game. experiments with the idea of gravity not always pointing down and other cool game mechanics.
Written in C++ and using SFML media library.

It is a specifically arbitrary kube engine.
Working together with friends on it.

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  • I'm currently living in Lower Hutt, NZ.

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My Upcoming Events


Vex Robotics Scrimmage at Massey University


Auckmageddon A6 LAN.
TF2 tournament inclusive